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Everybody has made fun of this already and just like that one thing with Bumblebee I made once, it’s funny enough in the show, there isn’t really anything I could add. I still tried to, but seriously, you all need to watch G1, it’s a treasure.

Screenshots from the G1 Transformers episode “Microbots”.




Big Hero 6 Cast

Ryan Potter as Hiro Hamada

Genesis Rodriguez as Honey Lemon

Jamie Chung as Gogo Tomago

Damon Wayans Jr  as Wasabi

T.J Miller as Fred/Fredzilla

And last but not least Scott Adsit as Baymax 


#and honey lemon doesn’t look like Rapunzel

I think that was a joke poster from Disney creators aimed at the people who were still pissing themselves at the Rapunzel/Anna conspiracy. Hey, even animating companies can get tired of their fandom’s bullshit and troll for lols! 

If that was actually the case, I’d have to laugh my ass off.

Seriously, though, when the marked-as-not-approved-by-Disney posters came out, the BH6 tag freaked the hell out and ended up clogged with page after page of OMG HONEY LEMON LOOKS LIKE RAPUNZEL WTF DISNEY posts.  I realize that recycling designs is an issue, but all that completely overshadowed everything that was positive about BH6 up to that point.  IMO, that’s not okay.  It was stuff like that with the whole Rapunzel and Anna comparisons that almost turned me off of Frozen completely.  Like I wasn’t even sure I wanted to watch it, I was so sick of all the arguing.  

And now I’m seeing a small number of people who are trying to compare Gogo to Elsa like it’s an actual issue.  LMAO REALLY?  OKAY THEN.  Talk about desperately scraping for something to complain about.